Mystery Box

3 Courses Timed. Mystery Box Twist.

Each team will be presented with a “Black Box” containing mystery ingredients. The team must use only those ingredients to create a dish within a set amount of time. As each team uncover their ingredients, they will have to gather their culinary wits to overcome their main course recipe. This challenge is designed to incorporate team building elements in a fun and exciting way.

Complete Mystery (hard):
Each “Black Box” will contain suffcient random ingredients to create a delectable main course to impress the judge or chef. The team must come together and brainstorm a recipe of their own doing inspired by the random ingredients. They will pit against other teams to be crowned the “Masterchef Champion”.

Guided Mystery (easy):
Each “Black Box” will contain pre-fixed ingredients tagged with a pre-fixed recipe. The team must complete that unique and random main course. Recipes in the mystery boxes are of different levels of difficulty; and it depends on the team’s luck which main course they chose.