Fun Team Building Activities in Singapore

Culinary Team Building and Corporate Team Bonding Activities

Standard Race

Entree, Mains, Dessert & Set Cooking Time – Ready Get Set & Cook! This group building activity encourages participants to think on their feet and work together.

Mystery Box

Entree, Dessert & Mystery Box Mains – this is one of our more unique team building activities in Singapore. It involves a “black box” of ingredient which you use to cook your main course.

Amazing Race

This group team building activity involves crafting Entree, Dessert & Race to The Supermarket for Mains on Time & Budget.

Master Class

Master A Classical Cuisine – From Dim Sum to Pizza to Hainanese Chicken Rice. This cooking class facilitates corporate team building.

Fear Factor

Entree, Mains & Dessert With Your Live Ingredient. Tackle Your Worse Fears in this cooking activity.

Top Chef

Entree, Mains, Dessert – At the start of the event, the chef will show you a finished dish, one that you will have to recreate on your own. No recipes included.


Normal 3 Courses – Except That There’s an Extra Odd Ingredient in The Mix.


Take Elements From All Of Them & Roll It Into Your Own. Just let us Know how.

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Cooking: One of Singapore’s Most Unique Team Bonding Ideas

With halal cooking classes and team bonding events, we are the ideal venue for corporate team building in Singapore.

Whipping Up Creativity!

Want to stimulate creativity and innovation as well as to reinforce collaboration and staff morale?
D’Open Kitchen offers a wide range of fun and unique corporate team building activities at a venue fully equipped for large groups. It doesn’t matter if your crew contains a mix of non-cooks and seasoned veterans, as our sessions are designed to be accessible to all skill levels. However, the main focus of our corporate cooking class in Singapore is to provide a fun and positive venue as a platform for your group to enjoy themselves and bond with one another as they make their cooking ideas a reality.

Perfect for corporate bonding activities

One of our company’s signature events is the Mystery Box Challenge where the participants’ creativity is put to the test. Participants will work hard coming up with their own ideas and as they conceptualise their own menu, based on the secret ingredients found inside the mystery box. Sound challenging? Not to worry, our professional chefs and experts will be here to assist you with your cooking for a team bonding experience to remember!

Collaboration is brewing in our Corporate Cooking Classes

Amazing Chef Race

Looking to try something highly competitive? How does an Amazing Chef Race sound to you? One of our most popular culinary group bonding activities, participants will need to go on a “scavenger hunt” style race to find their ingredients before embarking on the cooking extravaganza.


Value-add Services

If you are based overseas and are coming to Singapore for a regional meeting and wish to organise a corporate cooking class for team bonding events, our MICE team will be glad to coordinate your transportation too.

Our specialists will be glad to attend to your enquiry and customise your activities to make them as memorable as possible, keeping you and your colleagues talking for a long time! Drop us an email and we will be happy to discuss any ideas you have. Discover how your company can continue building strong connections at our venue in Singapore

The Ideal Choice for Team Corporate Events

Spark imaginations and help your team bring their culinary ideas to life. D’Open Kitchen’s skilled team has helped thousands of people around the world discover their passion and unearth the hidden talents they have. We firmly believe that anyone can cook, and all it takes is the right venue and the right teacher to do it.

D’Open Kitchen uses kitchens that boasts modern, fully-equipped facilities helping clients to learn to create in the kitchen through a series of fun, energetic, accessible activities. If you’re interested in booking, get in touch with our events coordinator today by calling (65) 8499 0979 or sending an email to