Team Building

Our Programs

Standard Race

Entree, Mains, Dessert & Set Cooking Time – Ready Get Set & Cook!

Mystery Box

Entree, Dessert & Mystery Box Mains – A “black box” of ingredient which you have to figure your main course.

Amazing Race

Entree, Dessert & Race To The Supermarket For Mains On Time & Budget.

Master Class

Master A Classical Cuisine – From Dim Sum to Pizza to Hainanese Chicken Rice

Fear Factor

Entree, Mains & Dessert With Your Live Ingredient. Tackle Your Worse Fears.

Top Chef

Entree, Mains, Dessert – At the start of the event, the chef will show you a finished dish. One that you will have to recreate on your own. No recipes included.


Normal 3 Courses – Except That There’s An Extra Odd Ingredient In The Mix.


Take Elements From All Of Them & Roll It Into Your Own. Just let us Know how.

Over 25,000 + Participants Have Enjoyed Our Events. Join Us In The Kitchens & Have Some Fun!