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Welcome to a new round of social cooking classes with us.

You asked for it. And its here. We’re breaking into our local Singaporean cuisine and the art of ‘zhi char’ dishes.

This is a 4 part cooking class hosted by us, D’Open Kitchens to delve into the local food scene and share our culinary knowledge with you.

So book with us and reserve your station!

Team D’Open Kitchen

Class 1: Intro & Snacks

Date: 4th August 2018

Duration: 3 hrs

Time: 10 am Start

Cost: $98 / pax

An introduction of Singaporean’s unique cuisine & some basic knife skills.

Whats on the Menu:



Spring Rolls

Class 2: Wok Focus

Date: 11th August 2018

Duration: 3 hrs

Time: 10 am Start

Cost: $98 / pax

We’ll dive into the theory & techniques of the eponymous wok and stir frying in general.

Whats on the Menu:

Mee Goreng

Salted Egg Ribs

Garlic ‘Kang Kong’

Class 3: Seafood Galore

Date: 18th August 2018

Duration: 3 hrs

Time: 10 am Start

Cost: $138 / pax

We’ll show you preparation technique on some of the popular crustaceans & fish.

Whats on the Menu:

Chilli Crabs

Deep Fried Mantou

Fish Curry

Class 4: Asian Snacks

Date: 22nd August 2018

Duration: 3 hrs

Time: 10 am Start

Cost: $98 / pax

We’ll cover the diverse world of local desserts! Chinese, Malay & Nyonya!

Whats on the Menu:

Egg Tarts

Kuih Bingka

Bubur Cha Cha

If you plan to attend all 4 sessions – we’ll give you a 15% Discount off the total price !

What To Expect


Our Chef will go through the theory of the day; as well as a demonstration on the entire menu, tips and tricks and skills.


Ample time with hands on session; our chef will assist when you’re having a problem, or come give you more tips!


Marvel over your own creations; and feel accomplished. Grab a sit, a drink and eat your own delicious meal.

The Venue:

Our classes will be hosted at OUE Downtown Gallery building conveniently located next to Tanjong Pagar MRT. Click Here for exact location.

A Little About the Chef:

Born in Malaysia, raised in Australia, Chef Gary always wanted to become the common IT guy but had decided to jump ship to the culinary industry after his degree. He breezed through William Angliss Institute culinary college whilst working many years in various fine dining restaurants and bars in Melbourne learning different cuisines and developing a palette for the classical flavours.

Gary’s has filled in nearly every position in the restaurant – from pot wash to chef de partie to bar manager. He now serves as D’Open Kitchen lead chef instructor to teach and facilitate culinary classes. Passionate about food since young; he believes in having fun in the kitchen while cooking and serving up something delicious.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where are your Booking Terms & Conditions?
Is my booking confirmed?
Your booking is only confirmed when payment is made in full as per the Term and Conditions listed. Please contact us if you are unsure.

We will normally you send you a confirmation email.

What happens if the class is cancelled?
If the class is cancelled, we will inform you as quickly as possible and arrange to refund you in full.

What if i'm late? Or I can't make it?
The classes are made to be run on scheduled so as to not make other participants wait. Please do inform us if you are running late. However, if you are overly late we cannot guarantee that we will not refuse you entry.

Please be on time, we kindly ask that you be present at the venue about 10 mins before hand.

Can I bring a camera to class?
You are more than welcome to bring recording devices, in fact, we recommend it. However, please be mindful and use discretion and consider the other participants privacy when taking photographs.

D’Open Kitchen reserves the right to revoke this right during class or event at any time without notice at its sole discretion.

Can I bring a friend to watch?
Sorry but no. Only confirmed participant that have paid for a place in the class may attend. You are most welcome to come with a friend or partner with you however they will need to book and pay for their place.

How about dietary requiment/food allergies?
We do our very best to accommodate certain dietary requirements however it is sometime not possible with every dish within a particular class, so long as we notified well in advance we will endeavour to do out best.

Please contact us and let us know your diertary requirements/allergies ahead of time.

Do you provide recipes to take home?
Certainly, we most certainly do.

Do I need to bring/wear anything to class?
Wear comfortable clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty and some non slip closed toes shoes.

Everything else will be provided for.

Social Class Booking

Selected Classes

5 + 13 =

Booking Terms & Conditions

1. Payment: All payments can be made in full and via our payment gateway, ‘Smoovpay’. ‘Smoovpay’ takes Visa and Mastercard payments only. Should you want to make alternative types of payment (Bank Transfer, Cheque). Please let us know so that we may be able to make alternative arrangements.

You should get additional instructions after the initial booking form in complete. Should you not received any, please contact us directly – bookings are only confirmed when your payment is made in full.

2. Confirmation: Your booking is confirmed when your payment (or receipt of payment) is made in full. You will be also be sent a welcome email as well as your receipt. All booking are as first come first serve basis.

3. Min/Max Class Size: The maximum class sizes are 20 people. To run the classes, a minimum of 8 participants is required. If the minimum number of participant is not met; the class may be cancelled and a full refund will given. We will contact you as quickly as possible if cancellation occurs.

4. Cancellation / Postponed / Change of Venue:

a) D’Open Kitchen reserves the right to cancel any or all classes. You will be fully refunded if this occurs. We will contact you as quickly as possible if cancellation occurs.

b) D’Open Kitchen reserves the right to postpone any or all classes. We will alert you as quickly as possible if the dates or timing changes. Should you be unavailable at this new date or time of the class change; we will offer you full refund.

c) D’Open Kitchen reserves the right to change the venue of its classes. Though occasionally due to unforeseen circumstances that the normal allocated kitchen become unavailable, D’Open Kitchen reserves the right to change to another appropriate kitchen to continue the class.

5. No show: If the participant is a “no show” or late; no make up classes will be conducted and fees are non-refundable in this case.

6. Right to refuse: D’Open Kitchen hold the right to refuse and participant to attend a class or event if the employees (or its agents) of D’Open Kitchen deems the participant unable to continue within the scope of the class or event. This includes but not limited by the participant being intoxicated or may cause harm to themselves or anyone else attending the class or event. No refunds will be given in this case.

6. Bench Assignments: While we endevour to make sure that you ‘get your own bench’, it may be required to share a work bench with others.

7. Release of liability: When participating in a class or event with us, D’Open Kitchen, whereby the participant will be in the presence of or using sharp or potentially dangerous kitchen utentils and appliances, the participant releases, indemnifies and excludes D’Open Kitchen, its contractor and employees from any and all liability of any kind for any damage or injury incurred while attend or visiting D’Open Kitchen’s  class or event.

D’Open Kitchen will take all necessary care, but accepts no responsibility for the damage to or loss of property left in the venue prior to, during or after a class or event.

D’Open Kitchen is not responsible for the loss or damage of personal items in any form.

The participant may be held financially responsible for any damages to or loss of venue property during the class or event.

8. Photography & Filming Permission:

a) Participants authorises D’Open Kitchen to use any film footage, photographic image or sound recording produced in any format (collectively “Images”) taken or recorded of you by D’Open Kitchen or its appointed representatives for the purposes of D’Open Kitchen using the Images in any of its advertising, promotional or other material including Social Media.

b)* D’Open Kitchen use images from time to time and for such period it deems appropriate. *Any use by D’Open Kitchen of your Images will be without payment to you and does not require any further consent by you. *All intellectual property and other rights to or in the Images will be owned exclusively by D’Open Kitchen. *To the extent necessary, you assign all existing and future right in the Images to D’Open Kitchen.

c) D’Open Kitchen reserves the right to revoke any Images taken by other participant within its class or event.

9. Privacy: You agree to contact you in regards to your booking as well as agree to any other promotional contact that D’Open Kitchen would send. You may cancel this if you wish by directly contacting us and removal from our mailing list. We will endeavour to the best of ability (but not liable) to secure your personal information and not to share to any third party without your expressed consent or unless legally required to do so.

10. Food Related Policies:

a) Food Allergies: Please let us know directly (or through booking form) if you have any food allergies that you may have. Please note that D’Open Kitchen will attempt to our best ability to cater for your allergies. D’Open Kitchen will not be liable for any medical problems that may occur. Should no notice of allergies be told beforehand, D’Open Kitchen will not cater to that allergy and will not change its classes ad-hoc to cater to your needs.

b) Food Requirements: Please let us know directly (or through booking form) if you have food requirements that you may have. Please note that D’Open Kitchen will attempt to our best ability to cater for you food requirement. D’Open Kitchen will not be liable for any medical problems that may occur. Should no notice of any food requirements be told beforehand, D’Open Kitchen will not cater to that requirement and will not change its classes ad-hoc to cater your needs.

c) Class or Event Content: D’Open Kitchen reserves the right to change the courses, recipes or any content of the class or event as it deems fit. We will endeavour to keep the spirit and the content of the class as true as possible, however, we reserve to right to change, include or exclude, not limited to: ingredients, recipes, theory of every class or event.

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