Frequently Asked Questions
How do I gain access to your menus?

Please do contact us here so that we grant you access to the menu section.

What do we get in a mystery box?
This will depend on the type of black box event:

Complete Mystery: No recipes
Generally the box is filled with carbohydrates (eg. rice, noodles, pasta), meats (eg. chicken, fish, prawn) and assorted vegetables.

Guided Mystery: Recipes included
The box will be filled with the required ingredient and recipes to execute that dish.

How does the amazing race work?
Typically, these sessions will start with a chef brief. Then the participants will race on foot to the nearest supermarket to purchase their ingredient required. The ‘clock’ for time to finish will start as soon as first team returns to the kitchens.
Food & Menus
Can we submit our own dishes/menu we want to cook?
We would love to take in your ideas! Our dishes on the menus are curated for being simple, short, concise and manageable. So yours should be too!

Do note that some dishes are not feasible due to time/equipment restrictions.

Can we customise your dishes?
Certainly, should you feel you require to change dishes based on any requirements, please do let us know. We will liase with the chefs to make the appropriate customisations.
Can we mix and match menu items?
Definitely, however, it would be wise that you keep you menus to a certain theme Eg. Local, Korean, Pan European. This is to save the participants tastebuds from being overly confused.
Can we go past 9* for our menu?
Yup, do keep in mind that every * is additional 10 mins and increase in difficulty.

We do however advise to try not to. From our experience participants normally burn out after 90 mins at the stove.

During Event
Can we include games in our event?
Absolutely. We do encourage that the games have certain tangible outcomes and/or winners and rewards.
Do you award a winner?
Generally the chef and his crew will be able to pick one winner based on his/her own criteria. Should you have other requirements, please let us know as early as possible.
Do you provide drinks?
Typically we provide normal drinking water during out events. Should you require other beverages, there may be additional costs involved.
Can we have alcoholic drinks?
Whilst not recommended for safety purposes, we understand that the classes are for enjoyment, hence, as long as the participants drink responsibly – it should be fine!

We should add that alcoholic beverages are not halal and we will not be able to get MUIS certification if alcohol is present at the kitchens.

Can we do a site visit?
Absolutely, we can show you the kitchens of choice. It may be prudent to bring a list of questions for us too!
Are the kitchens halal certified?
No, however, we can obtain certification from MUIS for your event to make sure that it is. There may be additional costs.
Do you have space to sit and eat after the event?
Depending on the venue of your choice, it may have a separate area to sit and eat. The amenities vary depending on the venue you choose.
Are your kitchens fully equipped?
Each kitchen varies with the quality and type of equipment available. We may recommend to alter you menu to accomodate that.
How many dishes does the chef demo?
Depending on your requirements and menu – the chef of the day would typically demo 3 dishes only.
Who does the brief & debrief?
Our chef facilitator will normally facilitate the entire event. This would cover: kitchen & food safety, demo and debrief.
Can bring our own emcee?
Yes, just make sure to let us know as early as possible so that the chef and emcee can liaise to ensure that the event runs smoothly.
Dietary Requirements
Can we make that dish halal?
Most dishes that we have on the menu can be tweaked to be halal. Keep in mind that some cannot be and/or will no longer be a true representation of the original dish in terms of taste and/or presentation.
Can you accommodate vegetarians?
Yes! We can tweak most dishes to fit vegetarians. Please let us know your requirements as quickly as possible and let us know your exact dietary requirements.

Please do consider that there various types of vegetarians. For example ovo-lacto vegetarians can take eggs and milk whilst strict vegetarians cannot.

How about food allergies?
Please let us know as quickly as possible for your dietary requiments and we will cater for those conditions.

We may for example: remove all nut ingredients for the event for a nut allergy.