Cooking Class

Our Programs

Creative Bento

Create Your Own Tasty Japanese Sushi Styled Treats. Nigiri, Maki anyone?

Local Cultural

Learn The Trick and Trade of Singaporean’s Local Unique Cuisine. From Hokkien Mee to Chicken Rice.

Dim Sum

Learn and Challenge Youself to recreate some of Dim Sum’s famous treats.

Dessert Workshop

Pick Any Of the Sweet Dishes off our 130+ dish menu and masterfully re-create them.


Master The Art of Making Your Own Pizzas, from Dough to Topping with Cheese.


Roll, Form & Cook your own Pasta Noodles, Sauce and Pair them Yourself.

Festive Season

Mooncakes? Kuih Muih For Hari Raya? Or Pineapple Tarts for CNY? Or Turkey for Xmas?

Basic Cooking

Take The Focus Off Food & We’ll Run Down the Basic Cookery and Kitchen Knowledge.

Over 25,000 + Participants Have Enjoyed Our Events. Join Us In The Kitchens & Have Some Fun!