BBQ Service in Singapore

Planning to host a BBQ for a birthday, company corporate team building retreat or any other special event? D’Open Kitchen offers a hassle-free BBQ service in Singapore where our experienced private chef will do all the grilling while you sit back, relax and enjoy the glorious meat!   

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Learn From Our Expert BBQ Chef in Singapore

You can choose to prepare your own meat before the BBQ and let our chef do the grilling or opt for an all-inclusive package where we provide all the necessary service you need for a fantastic grilled feast in Singapore. You won’t need to sweat it out! 

If you want to be involved in the BBQ, our chefs can also conduct the BBQ session in a cooking class format where they can share tricks and tips on how to grill your meat perfectly along with a demonstration prior to your party. 

Our BBQ Package

It can get tiring preparing for a party and managing all the ingredients and logistics for the BBQ. D’Open Kitchen will save you the trouble. We offer an affordable all-in-one BBQ package as part of our service in Singapore. This includes all the necessary materials required, which include charcoal and fire starters, as well as your chosen variety of meat. It is essential that all your BBQ items are available so that our chef can prepare a wonderful feast for your guests at the party. Our BBQ service has catered to many customers all over Singapore – we will be the flame of your party!

Engage A BBQ Chef For Your Next Party in Singapore

If you’re organising a BBQ party for your family, friends or colleagues in Singapore, hit us up and our chef will come down to get your menu sorted. You can leave us a message here. You can also call (65) 8228 6217 or email us at

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