How does food bond people together?

24 Jun, 2019 | Editorials

No matter how different we humans are in terms of places we come from, occupation, race, color and religion, we have one thing in common, food. Whenever people go for social functions, the question is always the same, “will food be available?” Food is the center of attraction that brings us all together. The following are some of the ways that food gets to make us one;

Food brings equality

Eating together drastically shifts people’s perspectives just like involvement unique team building activities Singapore. Perceptions of inequality for concerns of gender, race, and socioeconomic backgrounds change unlike they were in social scenarios. All these variables and differences in society are put aside regardless of social status when it is meal time!

Conversations at meals                                                                            

Mealtime is a chance to de-stress and relax; you can catch up with loved ones since there isn’t much to occupy you at the moment. The concentration at the time is limited; hence the environment for talks is conducive. These conversations help our children get better in school work and get in shape. You also bond by knowing how everyone is doing.

Creates Good Relationships

A better relationship between children and adults sprouts. Children can share with the parents to ask questions and talk about their experiences.  It is at this time that everyone is doing the same thing adults are neither at work nor children at school. Adults equally benefit and learn more about their children. Children who eat dinner with their parents always eat healthily. They have exemplary academic performance and less trouble with alcohol and drug addiction. These kids are much closer to their parents.

Food promotes social interaction

Culture determines eating habits in a different part of the world as well as team building events Singapore does. Food makes people gather at one place during meal times. In some countries, meal time is sacred. People sit together in a common location and share meals. E.g., in Mexican cities, friends, and family eat together in parks or town squares. Villagers organize a potluck and share food on colorful mats with loved ones. For celebrations and festive seasons getting together needs the company of food. Eating in this style frequently promotes food enjoyment and learning other cultures, i.e., diversity. These events promote good physical wellbeing as well and greater satisfaction on emotional wellbeing.

Learning about food

Family members helping in the preparation of food brings the family together. Kids, parents and extended family members share information on how to make different types of food. The members fetch ingredients, cutlery, and utensils which is mostly done by children. They get to know the food preparation procedure and what is necessary to make special meals. Recipes are passed down from one generation to another. Learning about food also promotes the taking of a healthy diet. Illnesses arising as a result of unhealthy dieting are unheard of hence people get to live longer together.


Food is a source of life and therefore eating is a must do for everyone to survive. Eating food is what we all share in common that makes people come together and gives a sense of belonging. People can all come together in team building cooking activities for more chances of bonding.