Hotdogs Vs. Sausages

6 Aug, 2018 | Editorials

The Matchups

Hotdogs (more accurately, Frankfurter or Wiener) are a household known item. Sausages on the other hand less so in sunny Singapore but why? Let’s go head to head to see which is better!

Le Introductions..

Wearing the red, blue & white, hailing from US of A, we have the original all American muscle, The Frank! Its pure pork or beef content has become of the most dominating New York cultural icon of all time! In blue and blazoned with yellow stars, representing all of Europe, the culinary godfather of encased meats, Sir Sausage! Known in Scotland as Haggis or in Munich as Bratwurst – Its meat content may vary but its aromatic combinations are sure to be a surprise! In a 4-round battle; Let’s… Get… Ready… To… Rumble!

Round 1: Meats & Flavours

Frank: Normally filled with ground pork, but available in beef or chicken in Singapore, is filled with meat binders, spices (namely salt, garlic powder and paprika) with a cellulose case and smoked before packing. Sausage: Filled with anything from ground (or chunky) chicken to lamb or a combination and filled with different kinds of aromatic herbs and spices (and cheese!) it is encased in cellulose or traditionally intestine. Round WinnerSir Sausage wins the first round, with a better variety of flavours and textures compared to the dull one taste punch from the The Frank!

Round 2: Usage

Frank: Classically used in the style of ‘hotdog’ from Coney Island, NY – its poached in water and placed within a bun accompanied by medley of toppings (onions, cheese, chillis) and lathered on with ketchup & hot American mustard. In Singapore, its often grilled on its own, served in bread or used in different fusion Asian dishes. Sausages: Grilled, BBQ’ed, roasted, stuffings and everything in between. It can be used in pastas, cassoulets, pizzas, meat pies, salads or served on its own. Its versatility is based of its diverse flavours. In Singapore, its often used akin of bangers and mash. Round WinnerSir Sausage is slowly pulling ahead, its usage blows The Frank because of its varied usages in so many different dishes.

Round 3: Health

Frank: Franks have been controversial, in early days accused of being made from real dogs. Recently, manufacturers were accused of using lesser meats (offcuts) and too many chemicals. This resulted in investigations and setting of laws into standardising its ingredients. Even till today, its image of being carcinogenic and unhealthy persists. Sausage: Because of different types of sausages, most are somewhat unregulated in its content type or quality. In Britain, there have been investigations into meat quality and fat content, resulting in laws to regulate its content. However, there are plenty of good artisanal vendors and you can DIY your own sausages at home! Round Winner Draw! Both can be unhealthy especially if pre-bought. Buying the right type and checking on ingredients list is essential. Perhaps the last round will settle this finally!

Final Round: Price

Frank: $1.99 specials are not uncommon in supermarkets. Enough said. Sausage: $16.99 Chorizo at Cold Storage for 6 sausages?!?!? What?!?! Round Winner The Frank hits back on where it counts, price.

The Decision

By split decision of 2 to 1, the winner of the rumble in the kitchen, our undisputed heavyweight champion of encased meat division, our winner over 4 rounds is, Sir Sausage! While sausages is more flavourful, more dynamic it cannot be discounted, the fact that the good old frankfurters are incredibly cheap. However, from a culinary point-of-view, sausages are hands-down the winner! As always – have fun in the kitchen! – Chef Gary