Five Ways That Food Brings Us Together

24 Jun, 2019 | Editorials

While most people can be brilliant, for some people the ability to develop a good relationship at workplaces can be a challenging process. Bringing people together in a working environment can be made easier by only using food. You would be surprised at how food is a critical ingredient in boosting interactions among different people

Coming together and sharing a meal is one of the simplest ways of binding people. Being in a position to make or share a dish with the people you spend your day with is a universal concept that creates stronger relationships. Sharing a meal has also been believed to help people achieve a much healthier and happier life.

How Does Food Bond People Together?

Sharing food with other people has a wide range of benefits. Breaking bread can be a way to remove uneasiness, create more friendships and explore different cultures and bonds in workplaces. Companies can involve workers in activities that focus on sharing meals such as Culinary Workshops in Singapore while catching up or celebrating their progress. Food can help people bond in the following ways;

  1. A vehicle for sharing culture

Work environments are quite diverse with people from various backgrounds and cultures. When an entity involves workers in a workplace cooking class activity, you can be surprised at the variety of different cultures that people have in meal preparations. By merely asking people to bring their favourite traditional dishes can help in introducing each other to different cultures.

  1. Increase in knowledge about food

Having workmates involved in Cooking Team Building Singapore events can be a great way of sharing information about healthy foods and how to prepare them. For instance, setting days to prepare different delicacies that represent the cultures in the workplace like Korean, Indian, Mexican or any other dishes. This process brings a sense of welcoming and allows people to learn new things together and appreciate the diversity in recipes.

  1. Stay connected

Food has a natural way of bringing people together and will enable people to chat and feel less tense around each other. In the case of having fun Team Building Activities Singapore, it can have numerous events that let people talk and share stories while at it freely. Such platforms are a breather and can be more than just work-related issues; hence people can tell tales and laugh together.

  1. Brings in history

Being able to share the food legacy that people have in their families is quite incredible. Besides bringing back the sweet old memories, it also creates new ones, allowing workmates to make memories of foods with their colleagues. Sharing history and traditional recipes have been done from generation to generation and are often worth sharing. It also helps people to appreciate their diversity.

  1. Creates a stronger social support

For a long time, food is known as the key to happiness, and it helps build a healthier and happier life. Having a meal together creates a strong social support system for workers and creates stronger connections. Team Bonding Cooking Singapore can form a tight bond amongst people which helps reduce work-related stresses and which link to longer life spans.


Food is not merely about survival but also making more friends and better working relationships. From the past, food has been part of human history where people gathered together to share a meal to forge relationships provoke laughter and burry anger. Its ability to create tight bonds has proved to be useful and makes the work environment less stressful.