Asian Fried Rice & Cheat Sheet

31 Aug, 2018 | Editorials


From us at D’Open Kitchen to you. We want to share with you our little cheat sheet of creating a ‘survival’ asian inspired fried rice. Downloadable content below! Notes and talk all here though – so stick around!  

Method to Cook:

  1. Add oil into a very hot wok or large frypan;
  2. Add your eggs to scramble;
  3. Add your aromatics to saute;
  4. Add your proteins to cook;
  5. Add your vegetables (and special sides) to cook;
  6. Add your sauces to season;
  7. Add your rice to fry!
  8. Season w/ salt and pepper;
  9. Garnish (and mix) before serving.

Tip #1: Essentials


You need eggs; its an essential part of most fried rices around Asia! It not only tastes great; it provides much required nutritional content as such and affordable price!


The best rice you could get is overnight cold fridge-d jasmine rice. You want cooked rice with minimal moisture and starchiness. So when you do cook your rice (with any good rice cooker) go for almost a 1:1 volume of rice : water cook. 

Tip #2: Aromats

Pick and choose what you want! Garlic is a classic, while some more ‘adventurous’ souls might go for like galangal just to give it a twist. 

Tip #3: Protein

Honestly, go with anything you really like. You can pair seafood with poultry, game with seafood and everything in between. Stick with pre-cooked meats if you want an easier time cooking. Things like roasted pork, or ‘char siew’ or roast/smoked duck eases the stress on ensuring doneness. Just make sure their sliced thinly, chopped finely and not in chunks, this will ensure a proper ‘fry’ and be yummy.

Tip #4: Special Sides

Kimchi is a great addition, or pineapple ala thai fried rice style. Pick and choose something to give it an unusual twist if you want to impress your date.

Tip #5: Sauces

There’s a plethora of other sauces beside the basic: Worschestershire, Teriyaki, Thai Sweet Chilli, Chilli Crab Sauce, Garlic Chilli sauce, Thai Fish sauce, Sriracha, Sambal – you get what I mean don’t you? Pick and match, just don’t overdo it – you want flavour and scent; not an extended chilli bowl.

Tip #6: Garnishes

Matching the garnish would be good. Spring onions for kimchi fried rice is harmonious. Fried Shallots on a sambal chicken fried rice; marvelous. Cashew nuts of pineapple fried rice; blissful. Jalapenos on a teriyaki beef bowl? Not so much – try to match them in terms of theme – and not overdo it. Garnishes compliment not clash!  


Have heaps of fun playing around! The cheat sheet below should serve as a little building block on your journey of mastery at the art of asian fried rices. By the way, its our very first time releasing any cheat sheets (we owe it due to a whisper from our participants that we should do this) – if you like it or have suggestions or if we should do more! Let us know on facebook!   Download it here!         As always, have fun cooking! – Chef Gary The image above & linked is subject to the copyright © D’Open Kitchen Singapore 2018. It is intended for NON-COMMERCIAL, PRIVATE USE ONLY. Should you wish use or reproduce either partially or in its entirely; of any part of its contents, information and/or design for any public or commercial reasons, please contact us and seek permission to do so.