Amazing Valentines’ Day Dessert Making Ideas

24 Jun, 2019 | Editorials



On the fourteenth of February, everyone`s thinks of a wonderful surprise for their loved ones. Worry not, dessert making is probably the best idea you could ever think of applying. With D’Open Kitchen Culinary Programes , you are good to go. Profess your love with an amazing dessert taught by the best from D`open Kitchen. If you are spending it at work, why not gather a few of your colleagues for a corporate team building activities Singapore session where you can take the opportunity to bond with your colleagues on this special day! Don’t miss the chance to spark your love with romantic delicacies. These sweet dishes could range from fruit, beverage, cheeses, nuts, tiramisu, cakes of all types and savory items considered as dishes. Let’s break it down to some of the special desserts whose bite follows the touch of a heart.

Top 6 Desserts for Valentines’

The Vegan Dark Chocolate Truffles

The truffle is a simple four-ingredient dessert. It involves rolling dark chocolate, vanilla, sea salt, and coconut oil into sizable balls that one can bite. For a professional look cover them with coconut, chopped pistachio, and cacao powder.

Chocolate Raspberry Cake

This cake is chiefly a combination of frozen raspberries and a cake mix. You can add other ingredients to enhance the taste of a homemade cake. In preparation, you only start with cake mix, raspberries and to top it all a fantastic chocolate ganache to create a tasty blend. The yummy cake comes out perfect, thanks to cake making class Singapore.

Salted caramel chocolate tart

For people who love more complex flavors, this is the right choice for them. Filling this dessert tart with lavender infused ganache and salted caramel makes it irresistible. Toasted marshmallow topping is all required to make it a complete package.

Strawberry and Cream Pie

Strawberry and cream pie has a fancy look, easy to make as well as a delicious taste. It is suitable for both who love cake and those that don’t. It has a touch of semi-sweet chocolate chips, Oreo pie crust, fresh halved strawberries, cool whip, sour cream, softened block cheese cream, shortening, and vanilla. Using a fruit combination of your choice for excellent taste is an option. You are not restricted to strawberry only.  Melt combined chocolate chips and shortening in the microwave, smoothen sour cream, vanilla, cream cheese, and sugar by beating, fold in cool whip, into the crust scoop the mixture for overnight refrigeration and finally add strawberries and microwaved chocolate. Refrigerate again before serving. And there we have our strawberry and cream pie!

Oreo Truffles with Raspberries

It’s time to try Oreo balls with sweet and fresh raspberry put in the center, and white chocolate smothered crushed Oreo. This treat needs no baking, only a dip Oreo balls in white chocolate candy coating and a chocolate drizzle to coat the dessert. You just need three ingredients to make it happen!

Cocoa-Gingerbread Brownies

Using a few standard ingredients like salt, semi-sweet chocolate morsels, flour, baking soda, sugar, and butter preparing cocoa-gingerbread brownies is no big deal. It takes very little time for the dessert to get ready since you`re all set. Addition of fresh and powdered ginger creates spicy and soothing warmth to your taste with sweetening from chocolate.


The desserts mentioned above are just a fraction of dishes, visit D`open Kitchen for many more mouthwatering delicacies for valentines. We will always leave you craving for more; you will never get enough of us as long as you lay your hands on cooking class Singapore. Come to us, and we will bring your loved ones closer to your hearts!