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8 Steps To A Successful Dinner Party

Introduction: You've overcommitted and succumbed to whatever pressure that resulted to be cooking at your dinner party. Deals of fine dining brokered and battle plans drawn for the night. Here's my guide to pulling off the cooking portion! I'll leave the drinks,...

The Perfect Chip

The Perfect Chip Soggy? Dense? Un-crispy? We’ve all whinged when the potatoes are done wrong. Here’s my guide into the perfect chip! Po-tay-to, Po-tah-to? Do we care? Well frankly, you should. Only two varieties stand out, both are higher in starch content (hence, the...

Mythbuster: Stopping Onion Tears

    I've heard this question far too often in our classes: You guys keep asking me how you stop crying during onion prep. Let's go through the urban myths and some truths - How do you avoid onion tears? Let's break the problem down: when slicing/cutting onion - they...

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9 Essential Home Bar Tools

9 Essential Home Bar Tools

    Making Cocktails at home? Always wanted to make your home bar look a little more authentic? Here's 9 Essential Bar Tools to get you started; at least looking the part! Watch for Buying Tips along the way! #1 The Measuring Jig or 'Jigger' Efficient booze control!...

Humble Chicken Roast in 10 Steps

Humble Chicken Roast in 10 Steps

Introduction: Chicken, the humble chicken - during our team challenge events i've seen too many fobble (see urban dictionary) at this. This is the ultimate team building challenge cheat for you - plan ahead and roast it whole! For those of you at home: I'm going to...

DIY Vinaigrette

DIY Vinaigrette

What's Vinaigrette? Simply: a concoction of vinegar and oil for dressing. Its used in a endless number of salads. Dating back to the Roman period, it is also now used not only to dress vegetables, but also meats and seafood. Watch out for our Chef Tips! Golden Formula...

Food Term Dictionary

Food Term Dictionary

So you've probably come into one our events full of excitement, then as the chef demos the food, you're confronted with words you couldn't either understand or pronounce. Don't fret! We've listed the most common terms our chefs use in the kitchens (and they've...

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