Top Chef Challenge

Pit yourself against our Resident Chef’s signature dish in this Top Chef Challenge along with your team mates! Just before the challenge commerce, our chef will reveal a standard dish which every team must prepare and replicate dish within a limited amount of time that requires a great degree of cooking finesse. Other than the mystery dish, team will have to also prepare another two course dishes to complete the challenge. The standard dish is judged on taste, visual appeal, and technique while the other two dishes will be judge on creativity and the two dishes complement the standard dish.


  • Participants will be divided in teams depending on the number of people.
  • Every team will have to prepare a “standard” dish which will be revealed by our Resident Chef.
  • Each team will also have to prepare another two dishes to complement the standard dish.
  • Every team will be given 90 minutes to complete the challenge and each team will be asked questions about their dishes or preparation before they are notified of their placement.

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