During the June holiday season, D’Open Kitchen has rolled out a series of children cooking class Singapore to teach children as well as their parents how to prepare a healthy bento meal that they can bring to school.

The cooking team bonding workshop targets also at parent and child bonding where the parent and child have to come together and design a cute bento lunch box that that is not just healthy but visually appealing. Due to the hectic work schedule, most of the families dine outside most of the time, which resulted in the children not adopting a healthy eating diet. Hence through the cooking class Singapore, we hoped to educate the young parents and the children on cultivating healthy eating habits and at the same time they can some family bonding time from the cooking experience.

During the workshop our bento Chef will share with the participants on the basics of making natural food dyes using vegetables to encourage healthy eating.

At the start of the class, the chef will conduct a briefing for the parent-child participants on safety as well as food hygiene. After the briefing, our bento chef will conduct a bento demonstration to show the participants on the basics and technique of making the cute edible cartoon characters using Japanese short-grain rice. The chef will also educate the participants on how to recycle the plastic straws and transform them into useful tools for making bento.

After the demonstration, the chef will send the participants back to their workstation to work on their bento sets. The goal is to get the children to design and decorate their own bento set. During the workshop, we encourage the parents to learn how to assign task and delegate work to the child to encourage the child to be independent. The entire cooking class takes around two hours. During the workshop, we can see that parents are giving their full attention and dedicated their time to the children to help them complete their cute bento.

At the end of the bento-making workshop, the bento chef will teach the participants how to put all the dishes together in the bento box along with the healthy greens and sides.

Through this cooking team bonding workshop, we hoped to bring the family bond closer and also encourage them to adopt a healthy eating habits. If you are looking for a cooking class in singapore for both you and your children to attend, do contact D’Open Kitchen for the class details!