With heart attack, high blood pressure and obsesity as the main health problems in Singapore, Health promotion board are encouraging the people to eat healthy and exercise at least 3 times per week.

Recently they have introduce a new induction programme for their new joiners to understand more about healthy living through our cooking team bonding activtity.

At our coporate cooking class, our chef will conduct a cooking demostration to showcase some healthy yet gourment dishes using wholegrain products and healthy cooking methods. Nowadays people tends to dine outside almost 90% of the time or calls for food deliveries. Dining out is such a convenience that people do not see the importance of cooking their own meals. Hence the aim of the team building event by Health Promotion Board also encourage people to dine at home more often and convey the message that cooking at home can be easy, healthy and convenient too.

The particpants will be grouped into teams where they will have to come up with a healthy meal based on their team’s caloeries count and also plan their meal based on the food pyramid. The teams are asked to pen down their proposed recipes and only after the chef has okay-ed their recipe then they are able to embark on their challenge.

At the supermarket, the participants are also encouraged to lookout for products with the healthier choice symbols, read the nutritional labels and watchout for the sodium contents. Partipcants learn to be considerate and accountable to their fellow team members in terms of their dietary requirements and meal preferences.

When the teams are back at the studio, our chefs will be doing a verification check on the groceries before team returns to their stations and start cooking. During the cooking session, the chefs will also observe the teams in terms of how they prepare the food, the type of cooking methods which they adopt and the condiments which were used in preparing the food.

At the end of the cook-out, each team will have to do a short presentation of their dishes and explain how they conceptualised the recipes and the healthy aspect of the dishes. Our chefs will come in as the panel of judge to provide feedback and comments on each team’s food and performances.

And of course the winning team will walks away with a medal by D’Open Kitchen.

At D’Open Kitchen, we hoped that through our cooking team building, people will be better equipped with cooking skills and knowledge which will give them a better idea of how to eat healthy and cultivate a healthier eating lifestyle.