Hop on a Gourmet Food Tour to experience the Tastes of Singapore

Want to enjoy authentic flavours and discover hidden gems of the culinary world? Singapore has a rich and detailed culinary history and the streets are filled with culture and wonder. Our market tour is a four hour journey through the streets and hawker centres of Singapore, with a gourmet food guide immersing you in the secrets of Singapore’s signature dishes and showcasing the most authentic treats on offer. We know all the best spots bustling with activity and can lead you to more secluded areas away from the crowds.

Enjoy the variety of amazing food on offer

Perfect for group events or just as something different to do on the weekend, our market trails are a unique and memorable experience that combine education, fun and delicious cuisine into one amazing day. Our Singapore food tour will allow you to experience the culinary and cultural influences of our unique cuisine as our upbeat, experienced chefs share their in-depth knowledge with you. This package is a perfect choice for any occasion — bring your family and friends along for a birthday celebration, share a unique date with your loved one or build positive relationships with your clients.

Find out more

For more information on what our market trail involves and to organise a booking, contact our customer service team on (+65) 8499 0979 or through info@dopenkitchen.com. We can find an option to suit any budget, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.