Chef Michele


European Cuisine, Canapés

Chef Michele has loved food her entire life. She started baking and cooking at age of 14 years old when she moved to Australia. When she returned to Singapore at the age of 24. she worked for the Shipping Industry for 8 years and had the wonderful chance to entertain at many exquisite restaurants around Asia, thereby further enhancing her palate. By the time she married her French husband (with Italian origins), she already had many French and Italian recipes tugged under her sleeve.

She also utilized her knowledge gained over the years to merge that into entertaining people across different cultures by introducing origins of classic dishes. Then finally as a mother, she discovered that many Singaporeans (including expats) did not eat home often and therefore 2 years ago, started cooking classes. Her philosophy is to strive for the freshest ingredients, and trust that natural flavours married with passion and the right techniques will always produce the perfect dish.